Importance of Dormancy in Unclaimed Property

One of the things that makes Unclaimed Property Reporting so complex is the aspect of Dormancy. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ (NAUPA) website, Dormancy is “the period of time during which the owner of the property does not take action on his property”. This sounds simple enough except for the fact […]

How to Successfully Navigate California’s Reporting Cycle

It’s been several years since California changed their reporting process, yet many holders are still confused. I’d like to help clear things up. Most states have one filing due date each year, where you send a list of lost owners and payment for the amount you are reporting. California has a cycle that includes 2 […]

Danielle Herring

Product Manager, UPExchange

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Lions and Tigers and Due Diligence, Oh My!

Let’s talk a bit about the complexity of Unclaimed Property Due Diligence. Think about it; there are more than 50 unclaimed property reporting jurisdictions. Each of these can have varying due diligence requirements. Trying to stay on top of constant changes will make you quickly realize the difficulty of performing proper due diligence. Due diligence, […]

Kristine Butterbaugh

Strategic Sales Executive

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Whose Responsibility is it to Report Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed property results from the everyday functions of a company’s operations. As state budget deficits continue to grow, companies should expect unclaimed property compliance and related audits to continue and possibly increase. So, who is responsible for handling the process of Unclaimed Property management and escheatment to the state and keeping their company compliant? Tax […]

Karen Jackson

Account Executive

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