WingsPlus: WingsLink Live

WingsPlus: WingsLink Live

Want real-time access to your annual and quarterly statement data anytime, anywhere, and in any way possible? How about getting the most current, live information each time you refresh your Microsoft Excel worksheet? Or even having your Gain/Loss information automatically synchronize with your worksheet without ever pressing a button? We have a data-mining tool that ensures data integrity, provides critical, time-saving functionality, and will do all of this for you. Actually, it’s like two products for the price of one. Interested?

Excel Add-In

On one hand, the WingsPlus: WingsLink Live is an Excel add-in tool you can use to access and change your live statement data remotely and dynamically straight from your spreadsheets. With Microsoft Excel as your interface, you can create custom reports “on the fly” with up-to-the-minute statement information.

Wings Data Connector

On the other hand, the WingsPlus: WingsLink Live includes a service called the Wings Data Connector. With this service, you can set up an endless number of custom processes that read and instantly update your annual and quarterly statement data. Endless possibilities can include creating a custom, automatic reconciliation between your General Ledger and your annual statement, or setting up an automatic feed of your annual statement data into your own custom report generation.

With WingsPlus: WingsLink Live, you get to analyze accurate data the first time instead of having to check it over.

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