Compliance Calendar

Tired of going through pages of state checklists that may be out of date? Tired of having to redo and reorganize your to-do lists frequently? How would you like to define and track all of your important deadlines so you don’t have to track them manually? How would you like to have a to-do list with all of the latest state checklists that never gets old?


With WingsPlus: Compliance Calendar, you get your own customized to-do list right at your fingertips and you can access this list from the web or from within the WingsPlus: Annual Statement software. You can filter and monitor insurance regulatory due dates, company-specific due dates, and key information and due dates from well over 2,400 NAIC, state filing, and premium tax public events, then extract all of that data into a to-do list at any time.


In the WingsPlus: Compliance Calendar, public events are color-coded and a legend is provided so you know which events are what. You can define custom event templates, including color, and add your own private company events to the calendar. You can change the calendar format to see the events for an entire month or just for a day. You can filter the calendar for specific insurance types, event types, filing periods, states, and insurer statuses so you only see the events you want to see on the calendar or simply “hide” specific events from view until you want to see them again.


Tools for managing events within the WingsPlus: Compliance Calendar are extensive. You can subscribe to events and receive alerts when changes occur. You can have the calendar e-mail you reminders up to 45 days prior to when you need to act on an event or e-mail you weekly notifications about events occurring in the next 7 or 14 days. You can add notes to public or private events, e-mail events to other co-workers, and even download events into other calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

With WingsPlus: Compliance Calendar, you will always stay ahead – wherever you are.

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