Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

Identifying and reporting all of your investments properly can get tricky with NAIC regulations changing often. Applying those changes into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets takes so much time and when mistakes are made – you could run into costly compliance issues.


With Portfolio Accounting and Reporting, you can stay current with regulatory changes, track investment activity accurately, automate and run Schedule D and management reports for any time period (past or current), and verify whether everything balances and reconciles to your general ledger correctly.


Delivered securely via the internet and available from the cloud, accounting firms, tax departments, brokers, and custodial banks use Portfolio Accounting and Reporting to collaborate in real time from just about anywhere. After setting up your company, you can download your transaction files from your bank or broker easily with little manual entry or mistakes.


Portfolio Accounting and Reporting gives you a clear accounting trail so you can demonstrate compliance to regulators. You can quickly calculate gains or losses on bond or stock sales, view complete details on each asset transaction, and automatically update amortization schedules with each transaction entry. As all reports are compatible with Microsoft Excel, you can drastically reduce your learning curve and devote more time to analysis and other tasks because you already know the basics.

With Portfolio Accounting and Reporting, accounting and reporting is powerful, secure, and transparent.

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