Unclaimed Property Reporting and Remittance

One of life’s ironic challenges is that, if you make something look too easy, folks won’t believe it. So when we said, “You can report and remit unclaimed property to multiple states electronically and online all in one sitting,” folks were skeptical. So we showed them UPExpress. Then they asked what took us so long!? More irony.


UPExpress is a universal website you can use to send state reports electronically online to multiple states – some will even accept remittance online! There’s nothing else like it. It doesn’t matter what unclaimed property reporting software you use. UPExpress will work with any of them so you can report your unclaimed property easily in one online session. You won’t need any CDs, paper, packaging, or postage – reporting is just that much simpler, faster, economical, and convenient.


UPExpress starts where your holder reporting software stops, regardless of whether you use Tracker, HRS Pro, UPCS, FSITrack, or an internal reporting software. UPExpress transmits your reports to participating states at no cost to you. Sending a remittance would require a small transaction fee. Your risk of non-compliance is smaller, reporting to state after state is faster, and you can get back to your revenue-generating business that much sooner. Here’s all you do:

  1. Enter your company and report contact information.
  2. Enter your billing information.
  3. Select the reporting state, the year, and what to submit (positive report, only negative report, report with payment).
  4. Upload the report, the cover sheet, and any additional items the state might require.
  5. Enter your payment information.
  6. Submit the report, then either close the session or do another state report.


Click to see an illustration of which states are participating. In this illustration, the states who accept UPExpress reporting and payment remittance are color-coded. The medium orange states accept state reports and the darker orange states accept both state reports and remittance. The other states are in the process of implementing it now. All of these states recognize the benefits of UPExpress and you will too.

Contact us today and find out just how simple our unclaimed property reporting and remittance can be.

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