Sharing of best practices as it relates to unclaimed property

Does Company Size Really Matter?

Regardless of your company size, virtually ALL companies have unclaimed property liabilities. The size of your company is indicative of how the process is managed internally. Smaller organizations have fewer property records to deal with and are less complex. Larger organizations are typically working with more types of properties and in larger volumes. Their organizational […]

Tania Moss

Account Executive

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Four Essential Considerations Regarding Online Reporting

The issue of online reporting is an important one. State legislation varies widely on when and how to submit unclaimed property reports, and many states now require that holders use an online reporting system in order to remain compliant. As you consider your options, it is important that your online reporting system is reliable and […]

Michael Jackson

System Architect, UPExchange

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Let’s Face it, Unclaimed Property Filing is No Fun

We all know it, but few people express this in official circles. Unclaimed property filing is no fun. It isn’t glamorous or exciting. It is often downright frustrating. If you feel this way, just know that you are not alone. Many companies assign this task to the person with the least seniority. This person usually […]

Danielle Herring

Product Manager, UPExchange

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