Compliance Updates


A hard copy of the coversheet is required.


  • Slight change to check payee name it’s now ‘Treasurer, State of Connecticut, Unclaimed Property’
  • Added clarification that state prefers minimum of $25 for ACH/EFT
  • Preferred address is the lockbox address below. Last minute overnights can go to the 55 Elm Street address.

Lockbox address is:

Treasurer, State of Connecticut

Unclaimed Property Division

PO Box 150435

Hartford, CT 06115-0435


  • Phone and email to contact for ACH instructions changed to 217-785-6998;
  • Phone number for holder questions to 217-785-6998.
  • Email for holder questions changed to


Added property codes (all 3 years) CK17, CS01, CS02, CS03, HS01, HSO2, IRO1, IR02, IR03, AND MS19


  • IN08 Agent Credit Balances dormancy corrected to 1 year. We had 5 years.
  • Virginia reports are now required to be uploaded to the state’s website.

New Process:

  1. When Virginia reports are processed, the NAUPA TXT file will be written to the ‘Filing Required’ folder in the Get My Files zip output.
  2. This TXT file must be uploaded to the Virginia website No log in required.
  3. The state will send an email to the address indicated during the upload process. This email contains a coversheet that must be completed.


  • IN08 Agent Credit Balances dormancy is 1 year. We had 5 years.
  • Email for Holder questions changed to

Danielle Herring

Product Manager, UPExchange

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