Millennials in the Workplace

At a recent national conference attended by finance professionals, one of the topics for discussion was how to engage millennials in careers in the financial industry, specifically back-office and accounting careers. The consensus was that millennials are engaged by technology, and it is the responsibility of the employer to offer tools and applications that make best use of current technologies.

Along those lines, it occurs to me that if millennials will be engaged in the escheatment process, the technology being utilized must be advanced. Application interfaces allowing for system to system communication, consolidated reporting allowing for single reports to the states for multiple companies, state-of-the-art search software allowing for advanced identification of owners, software as a service, browsers, and access to source systems through mobile devices are all available in today’s unclaimed property applications.

As we progress through the 21st-century, it’s incumbent upon employers to remember what will contribute to job satisfaction of the newest generation in the workforce. It is our duty as vendors to stay ahead of the curve.

Ed Thomas

VP Major Accounts

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