Spring Reporting At a Glance

Now that 2017 has arrived, it is time to start thinking about reporting your spring unclaimed property records.

Spring filing is less arduous than the busy fall filing season, but it’s still just as important to stay on top of which state reports are due and when.

As a prerequisite to the state report being due, remember to create and send your due diligence letters. It is not too late to start that part of the process now. Typically, due diligence letters are due anywhere from 60-120 days prior to the state report filing date. Below is a listing of upcoming spring filing due dates.

2017 Spring Filing Due Dates at a Glance






1stDelaware (All Holders Except Financial Institutions, Life Insurance, and ‘Courts, City, Government Entities’)

10thNew York (All but Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, and Utilities)

31st – Connecticut (All Holders)


10thDelaware (Courts, City, Government Entities)

15thPennsylvania (All Holders)

30thArkansas (Life Insurance)
            Maryland (Insurance Companies)
            Maine (Gift Cards)
            New Jersey (Life Insurance)
            Nevada (Insurance Companies)
            South Dakota (Life Insurance)

            California Preliminary (aka Holder Notice) (Life Insurance)


1st – Arizona (Life Insurance)
         Colorado (Life Insurance)
         District of Columbia (Life Insurance)
         Georgia (Insurance Companies)
         Illinois (All but Financial Institutions, Non-Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Government Entities)
         Indiana (Life insurance)
         Kansas (Life Insurance)
         Massachusetts (Life Insurance)
         Maine (Life Insurance)
         Missouri (Life Insurance)
         Montana (Life Insurance)
         North Carolina (Life Insurance)
         North Dakota (Life Insurance)
         Nebraska (Life Insurance)
         New Hampshire (Insurance Companies)
         New Mexico (Life Insurance)
         Ohio (Life Insurance)
         Oklahoma (Life Insurance)
         Tennessee (All Holders)
         Vermont (All Holders)
         Virginia (Insurance Companies)
         Virgin Islands (Life Insurance)
         West Virginia (Life Insurance)

         Puerto Rico Preliminary (Insurance Companies)

2nd Florida (All Holders)

Jan Knott

Account Executive

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