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Unclaimed Property

Simple, superior automation for your Unclaimed Property needs.




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“Online Compliance for Unclaimed Property” details the ways in which standardized, online, electronic reporting and remittance – for all holders and all states – can be achieved today."

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You might find yourself asking “why me?” if you've been tasked with the duty of filing unclaimed (aka, abandoned) property to the states for your organization. While it seems like a daunting task, it's not so bad when it's broken down into bite size pieces that you can digest.

Long Lost Money

LongLostMoney spans all industries. You can use it to find your property in our database before it’s considered abandoned and surrendered to the state.
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Wings Regulatory Solutions

WingsPlus is the only complete, customizable regulatory reporting suite on the market.

Wings NAIC Filings

State Forms Supplement

Compliance Calendar

Premium Tax

Municipal Tax


Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

State Checklist Manager

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WingsLink Live

Want real-time access to your annual and quarterly statement data anytime, anywhere, and in any way possible?
WingsLink Live Brief

Data Connector

Do you need your annual and quarterly statement data to be seamlessly and securely accessible to other systems? Do you need your other systems to automatically update your statement data?
Data Connector Brief

Ledger Balance

Our Wings Ledger Balance utility is the only tool on the market today that can provide you with a hands-off, seamless interface of Balance Sheet and Income Statement from your General Ledger to your Annual Statement.
Ledger Balance Brief

Custom Validations

Do you have the need to add your own business rules for data validation in the annual or quarterly statement?
Custom Validations Brief

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